Very thorough article, Amardeep Parmar! A great collection of advice. Thanks for the mentions!

The only things (resource wise) I would add are:

  • Active Publications Active Publications is a collection of Medium publications that are active, accepting submissions from authors other than the owner, and have a verified history of showcasing work of other writers. Finding publications can be hard, and while these lists are by no means exhaustive, they are the best collection that I know of and of tremendous value to writers.
  • Blogging Guide — I have a newsletter full of free content that many Medium writers have benefited from. While focusing on more than just Medium success (it includes many online writing platforms), it is the logical extension for writers looking to follow the “build a web of content” concept.
  • Medium All Star Interviews — I know I don’t have all the answers to Medium, which is why I started this interview series of top Medium writers (many who were mentioned in this article). I would highly suggest Medium writers check these out.

Again, great article, just a few resources that fellow Medium writers may find useful :)

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