This is a great post, Michael! Having followed Epstein’s background for years personally (and being told I was crazy), I know first hand how most people don’t realize how far the goals, ambitions, and values of the true elite can diverge from the norm for 99.99% of people.

I’m sure there is much more to find among the Silicon Valley elite. A lot of this played out in Manhattan, another elite bubble, but one that typically is not that accepting of behavior like his.

Silicon Valley is a neverland of sorts for even younger, wealthier, and almost by design, more eccentric individuals (good or bad). As Peter Theil has mentioned before, four of the six members of “The PayPal Mafia” built bombs for kicks in high school.

There could be a lot of even more extreme or perverse stuff going on there. Lots of the really dark stuff Epstein never even got to doing but reportedly wanted to do, exists in some form in Silicone Valley today (variations of eugenics or creating floating independent countries where the ultra rich could avoid taxes and completely determine the law).

It all sounds far fetched today, but then again, so did the fact that someone who was running an international sex trafficking ring was hanging out with the world’s leading academics, politicians, and even royalty.

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