The Largest House in Each State in the United States

The largest privately-owned residential compounds in America

Casey Botticello


As wealth inequality continues to grow in the United States, there are more Ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNWI) than ever before. This surge in wealth can be seen in many ways throughout society, but it is most prominently displayed through the massive homes being built across the United States.

This article uncovers the largest homes in the United States. More interestingly, it focuses on the largest home in each of the states.

Unlike many other lists, this article will focus exclusively on the largest privately owned, residential homes across America. Most lists emphasize the largest homes in America as a whole; almost none look for the largest home in each state.

Determining the largest home in each state was no easy task. I had to comb through lots of state specific tax data. It is possible I have missed homes, since the data is so decentralized, and different municipalities calculate square footage uniquely. That said, I believe this list is accurate and up to date.

The homes were picked based on total indoor square footage that was heated or air conditioned. Finished basement space was also included in the calculation.

The homes needed to be habitable (some were abandoned an in a state of disrepair with major safety issues) and construction needed to be completed on newer mansions.

This list only covers mansions that currently exist. There were a number of mansions that at some point in time would have met the above criteria, but have since been demolished or lost in fires.

Any home that is no longer privately owned (i.e. turned into a museum, or not fully utilized as a single family home) is excluded. However, since many of these homes boast resort-like amenities, and some are occasionally rented out, there will be some homes that function as a home/high end rental hybrid.

1. Largest House in Alabama

7 Montagel Way / “The Guitar House”

  • 55,000 Square Feet
  • 15 Beds, 19 Baths



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