“The Coronavirus Actually Has Some Good in it”

When companies send wildly inappropriate emails

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

I’ve received this email from a real estate firm twice in the past few days.

I see a lot of absurd emails. Some are actually absurd by design. This is one of the secrets to why phishing attacks are effective via email:

But this email appears sincere in its messaging, which is downright ridiculous.

Below is the email:

Here is the full message, lest I be accused of taking this out of context:

The Wuhan coronavirus, which has killed more than 80 people and infected thousands more in China, is making fixed mortgage rates cheaper! Investors are retreating to safe-haven asset classes amid an uptick in reported cases around the world, which could send mortgage rates even lower than than current rates, which are as low as 3.31%.


So, with inventories low (they are actually VERY low), and money being cheap, NOW is the time to sell! Low inventory means higher prices, and cheap money means more buyers (especially with more people being employed!).

If you are ready to move — downsizing, upsizing — or buying an investment property, it really does not get any better than this!

Call me, Pat Dornan, at 410–707–1885. I am also an MHIC-licensed contractor, so can provide whatever you need as you get ready to sell, buy, or invest!

Best Regards,


There are many things wrong with this email:

  • First of all, the subject line and general message that I can profit off of the Coronavirus is despicable. I honestly thought it was a prank when I first saw it. It’s not only insensitive to those who have died, but it trivializes the seriousness of the spread of the Coronavirus.
  • Second, if you are going to try to sensationalize a global issue to make money — at least get the stats right. At the time I received this email, the death toll from the coronavirus is now 1,113 in mainland China after 97 victims were added today, compared with 108 the previous day.
  • Third, this email is total spam (I never signed up for it) and I don’t Even live in the area where this agent is promoting capitalizing on the Coronavirus scare.

Sometimes it is really worth rereading your emails to ensure you are not (potentially) offending clients and customers.

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