The close relationship between LinkedIn and SlideShare means that they have a significant impact on each other’s SEO. A well-constructed and optimized SlideShare presentation can increase visibility for the brand while also improving the SlideShare SEO for a connected LinkedIn profile and vice versa.

Google indexes the notes and transcripts on SlideShare, setting professionals up for success when they upload a presentation. The transcriptions and notes give you ample opportunity to include important keywords that can help draw people to your presentation and boost your visibility in two ways:

1. SlideShare has an internal search function that people use to find presentations on the topics they are interested in researching — increasing visibility for those already on the platform

2. Google indexes the pages, using the keywords to display presentations for relevant queries — increasing visibility for those researching a topic through the search engine

When you build a visually pleasing presentation that also uses well-placed keywords, you drastically boost the SlideShare SEO of your presentation and make it easy for people to find. It is also important to take advantage of SlideShare’s SEO-friendly options, such as employing tags and entering keyword centric titles and meta descriptions.

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