Playing devil’s advocate for a second, you really should just create separate emails if your inbox is that overwhelming (multiple accounts are easy to create and allow you to totally shut out advertisements and promotions).

Also, it may be worth removing your personal info from various data aggregators. Many of your unwanted emails originate from these sources:

Also worth noting that email lists are not fun. I think they cause some stress in most people.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t be a net positive.

Once set up, a simple scenario might look like:

Once per week you email followers are sent a single email with your most recent articles.

This requires little or ongoing maintenance (only issue becomes if you have a massive email list which can get pricey but until you reach that point it’s a great way to build an audience).

But even as someone who likes marketing I get the decision fatigue that you are describing.

However, since setting up an email marketing system, I spend far less time on email and more time writing or just enjoying life so it is possible to strike a balance.

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