Medium appears to be quite different. I looked at the data from about 10,000 articles and tested my own, and while this ratio is a good guideline on many sites, it typically does not apply to Medium. Usually the views are higher and comments lower on Medium.

Part of this is due to Medium’s format for viewer engagement but it’s also a product of Medium containing longer content which indexes very well in Google and other search engines. This results in higher views.

Also, Medium, while having grown at a healthy rate, did not grow at the explosive rate of other social media sites. This matters because Facebook, for example, is so ubiquitous that if you do find indexed and lightly “paywalled” content, users of the search engine are more likely to have an existing Facebook account (even if the search did not originate on Facebook’s platform).

By contrast, Medium has very high domain authority and performs disproportionately well in search results but since it has a smaller group of members, search engine users are less likely to stumble upon Medium content in Google and have an existing Medium account.

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