I’ve followed Jeffrey Epstein for well over a decade (along with many other wealthy individuals). I investigated him a number of times (and even had a cease and desist order filed against me for posting my speculative findings on a now defunct blog).

I respectfully disagree that we will see as many people defending him. Not because this presumption of innocence doesn’t shield many powerful men (as you correctly pointed out, it does). I think his crimes are too vast and well documented. Usually someone who has people defending them amid serious allegations has more of a “positive” public reputation to protect (Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, etc.) and they are the leader of an organization that is in the public eye or government.

Jeffrey Epstein worked alone, managed money for literally a dozen or less clients, all of whom were billionaires. Combine that with the social/political climate surrounding sexual assault/human trafficking, I would be shocked if many people rushed to defend him (other than his defense lawyers). But maybe that is wishful thinking.

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