I’m perfectly fine being the dissenter on this — Warren Buffett is everything that is wrong with America for so many reasons.

He did not get rich just through compound interest, but through various tax schemes.

Additionally he only started giving away money after news started circulating of his granddaughter, who he disowned for speaking to Jamie Johnston in his documentary about inequality.

He was born the son of a US congressman (not many people realize that) and he was able to correspond with elite academics because of his family connections.

He is a massive hypocrite. Just look at him bashing banks and then making a fortune of of Wells Fargo shortly after.

TLDR: While I’m a card varying capitalist and entrepreneur, Warren Buffet is a piece of shit who should not even be referenced for his fake folksy sayings about time and compound interest. It’s all a well choreographed PR act that began decades ago. I personally have worked with other strategic communications professionals, who helped plant a lot of his quotes. Side note — probably half the Warren Buffett quotes I see are utter non sense falsely attributed to him.

The least of Warren Buffett‘s issues is that he “embodies hustle culture.” He owns/has full time access to a fleet of private jets and over 25 full time staff members performing his daily tasks.

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