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  • Community Platforms

    Community Platforms

    Finding the best online community building and management platforms!

  • Diane Egan

    Diane Egan

    Writing is my newly found passion; Snack Bitch to a Pomeranian, Mini Schnauzer, Irish Catholic, and Ragdoll Cat; warped sense of humor; joke and storyteller.

  • Kelly Marages

    Kelly Marages

    Magazine Publishing Veteran | Bylines with WaPo, WSJ, Marie Claire, Us Weekly | Founder of Shirley Books

  • Chasing Embers | Joyce Ling

    Chasing Embers | Joyce Ling

    creator. encourager. relentlessly curious. learn more at

  • Markus Skårnes

    Markus Skårnes

    I write about Writing, Self-Improvement, Music, etc. Sign up to my newsletter for a monthly overview of my stories:

  • N. E. O. Bernhardsson

    N. E. O. Bernhardsson

    Writer @ Five Easy Pieces:

  • Max K. Erkiletian

    Max K. Erkiletian

    I write to share everything but my cat. Read about Senior issues & interests in my free newsletter The Senior Activist(

  • Rohit Majumdar

    Rohit Majumdar

    Writing about technology, media & society. Internet culture and digital economy enthusiast. Remixing ideas. Newsletter:

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