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We are accepting stories on Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google!

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Steps to Submit Content

  1. Get approved as a writer — Once you are approved as a writer, you can submit articles whenever you want to FAANG. To become an approved writer, you can (1) leave a comment in this article expressing your interest or (2) apply through Smedian.
  2. Submit your article — once approved as a writer, submitting your articles to us is easy. Write your article as you normally would. When you are prepared to submit it, simply click the ⋯ button at the top of your draft, click the add to publication button, select FAANG from the drop down list of publications in which you are an approved writer.
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What We Are Looking For in Submissions

  • Articles must be relevant — about Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google!
  • Articles must be clear, coherent, and not have excessive typos or grammatical errors.
  • Articles cannot be advertisements or promotional in nature.
  • Articles must contain a relevant featured image.
  • Articles should be at least 4–5 minutes in length.
  • Articles should offer commentary, and not simply report news.


While we allow tasteful CTAs at the bottom of your article, we will add a publication wide CTA in most cases.

Why Submit to Us?

  • FAANG companies are trendy and based on my market research a good potential topic for medium writers looking to gain exposure in topics such as technology, social media, business, finance, government, and more.
  • I plan to feature as many different Medium writers as I can.
  • Most importantly, I have experience running and marketing several successful publications. I will be creating an email marketing list featuring the most recent content from this publication. As an author this is a tremendous advantage. You will gain exposure through my paid email marketing systems, at no cost to you!
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