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πŸ‘‹ My name is Casey Botticello, and welcome to my Medium profile.

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πŸŽ“ I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

πŸ“ I split my time between Washington, D.C. and Manhattan.

✏️ I mostly write about digital marketing, new blogging platforms, the creator economy, making money online, entrepreneurship, and productivity.

πŸ–₯️ I am a blogger, internet entrepreneur, and digital marketing consultant. I previously worked at several tech startups, a lobbying & strategic communications firm, and have created several businesses of my own.

Current Projects


Blogging Guide (Website/Newsletter)



πŸš€ I am the founder of Blogging Guide, the leading online community for writers and content creators.

πŸ’Œ As part of Blogging Guide, I operate an award-winning newsletter, which helps writers learn how to navigate the passion economy, escape the 9-5 grind, and monetize their online writing


I am the creator of the best-selling Medium Writing Course.


I've also created the first course on Substack Writing!


Medium Publications:


I am the editor of several Medium publications, including: ➜ Medium Blogging Guide (the premier Medium publication for learning the tips and tricks of becoming a successful Medium writer)

➜ Digital Marketing Lab (covers topics such as SEO, content marketing, creator economy platform reviews, and branding)

➜ Online Community Builders (covers topics related to building and scaling a robust online community)

➜ Escaping the 9–5 (articles on entrepreneurship, remote work, productivity, freelancing, and making money online)

➜Active Publications (a publication with a large index of active Medium publications looking for new submissions from writers)

➜ Substack Writing (articles on how to create, market, and monetize your Substack newsletter)

Facebook Groups

I created/moderate several Facebook groups, specifically designed to help writers master various digital publishing platforms. Two of the most popular are:

🟒 Medium Writing


You can reach out to me through my personal website or you can follow me on Medium, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.

You can also book a consultation call with me by clicking here.

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Casey Botticello

Casey Botticello

πŸš€ Founder of BloggingGuide.com | Entrepreneur & Blogger | Join 100,000+ creators & learn how to make money writing online ➜ bloggingguide.substack.com