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Casey Botticello
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👋 My name is Casey Botticello.

📍 I am based in Washington, D.C.

💻 I am an internet entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant. I previously worked at several tech startups, a lobbying & strategic communications firm, and have created several businesses of my own.

I am the founder of Blogging Guide, an online community for writers.

💌 I operate an award-winning newsletter (under the same name), which helps writers learn how to make money writing online, navigate the digital publishing landscape, and join the passion economy!

🚀 I am the creator of the best-selling Medium Writing Course:

🚀 I am also the creator of the first and only Substack Writing Course:

📌Other Medium Accounts: Medium Formatting & Substack Writing

📌Facebook Groups that I founded and moderate: Medium Writing and Substack Writers

📌Medium publications that I am the editor of: Medium Blogging Guide | Digital Marketing Lab | Escaping the 9–5 | Active Publications | Substack Writing

Below are some Medium Lists containing my Medium articles organized by topic and popularity:



Casey Botticello

🚀 Founder of BloggingGuide.com | Entrepreneur, Designer, Blogger | Join 100,000+ creators & learn how to make money writing online ➜ bloggingguide.substack.com