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Casey Botticello
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👋 My name is Casey Botticello.

📍 I am based in Washington, D.C.

💻 I am an internet entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant. I previously worked at several tech startups, a lobbying & strategic communications firm, and have created several businesses of my own.

I am the founder of Blogging Guide, an online community for writers.

💌 I operate an award-winning newsletter (under the same name), which helps writers learn how to make money writing online, navigate the digital publishing landscape, and join the passion economy!

🚀 I am the creator of the best-selling Medium Writing Course:

🚀 I am also the creator of the first and only Substack Writing Course:

📌Other Medium Accounts: Medium Formatting & Substack Writing

📌Facebook Groups that I founded and moderate: Medium Writing and Substack Writers

📌Medium publications that I am the editor of: Medium Blogging Guide | Digital Marketing Lab | Escaping the 9–5 | Active Publications | Substack Writing

Blogging Guide Articles

Outside of the content that I publish on Medium, I also regularly post on my website, Blogging Guide. All this content is free and is among the highest quality that I produce, so check it out!

These include the monthly income reports I post focused on some of my niche blogs. In 2023, I scaled a brand new blog from 0 to over $22,000 in December 2023:

I recently did a comprehensive YouTube video explaining how I built this blog (be sure to subscribe to my channel 🙂):

I spend a few hours per month doing select blogging coaching calls. If you need help taking your blog to the next level, click here to schedule a call!

Recent Interviews:

Other Useful Resources for Medium and Substack Writers:

I run a site in parallel with my courses on each topic, so be sure to chekc out SubstackCourse.com and MediumCourse.com:

Below are some Medium Lists containing my Medium articles organized by topic and popularity:

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Courses, eBooks, Tools

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Medium Writing Tips

130 stories
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Substack Articles

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Digital Marketing

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If you have any questions or want to learn more about me, you can always check out my personal website:

Casey Botticello

Casey Botticello is an internet entrepreneur and the founder of Blogging Guide, an online community of writers with an award-winning newsletter. He is also the creator of the popular Medium Writing Course and the Substack Newsletter Course.

Casey previously worked at several tech startups, a lobbying & strategic communications firm, and has created several businesses of his own. He is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania, where he received his B.A. in Urban Studies.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, follow his Medium publications, Digital Marketing Lab and Medium Blogging Guide, or reach out to him directly on his personal website.



Casey Botticello

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