2023 Review (& 2024 Goals)

Looking back at some of my online entrepreneurial endeavors in 2023 & making plans for 2024

Casey Botticello
5 min readDec 11, 2023
Source: Casey Botticello

This past year (2023) was great in terms of my various online businesses.

I started implementing AI into my blogging workflow at the end of 2022, and throughout 2023, this has proven to be a major advantage.

2024 should be a tumultous year again for bloggers given the end of third party cookies (which will be phased in throughout 2024, but more toward the second half of the year), the introduction of Google SGE and a number of other changes.

Despite all this, I remain optimistic in terms of my various blogging businesses.

Below is an overview of how some of these businesses performed in 2023.

Portfolio of Blogs:

My portfolio of niche sites has experienced stratospheric growth. Much of this was driven by the success of one of the case study sites that I documented on Blogging Guide.



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